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Preteen Nn Model

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 09:49:03 PSTFrom: Nighthawk K'Shaych Subject: Duke's Dream-3All laws apply, yadda yadda yadda.Culvich tried to swallow the lump in his throat. "It's nothing master, anaccident with one of my partners. He got a little too excited." The drynessof Culvich's was making his voice hoarse. He swallowed a couple more timesand then looked down at the Duke."Why are you lying to me. I thought that you were a Preteen Nn Model trusted guard, and nowyou stand there lying to me. I would think that you would have more brainsthen that, since you are quite helpless, and I am hold your most dearpossession in my hands. Why don't you tell me the truth, who did this to youand why?"Culvich swallowed again and Preteen Nn Model looked down at Stephan. "I told you-" His voicecut off, as Stephan sqeezed the sore place on the larger man's cock."I know what you told me, I want to know the truth."Culvich sighed, then looked away. "It was a partner, but he wasn't excited,he was unwilling. I didn't know that he was unwilling, I thought that he wasjust reluctant. Then he bit me, and I stopped. It stopped right then andthere, I swear.""There there, now, was that so hard. I expect the truth from all myservents. You are to find this unwilling partner, and bring him to me. Hewill get compensation for your carelessness. And that compensation will comefrom your pocket. As for the rest of your punishment, you are not to relieveyourself at all before I give you permission." He squeezed the sore dickagain. "Is that clear?" * * *Joe sat in the middle of the plush room and looked around. The carpet was arich blue, so long thick and soft that when he was standing in it, he sankto his ankles. The bed had a dark curtain that would keep out even the mostpresistant of sunlight, and it matched the carpet. Joe was afraid to sit inthe chairs and on the couch, they looked so delicate, and at the same timehe knew that they would swallow him whole. This was the most comfortablefuniture Joe had ever seen, and Preteen Nn Model he could not believe that the Duke wantedhim to live here.Joe blinked his Preteen Nn Model eyes twice and then pinched himself. It had to be a dream,as much as the two days before had been nightmares, this was a dream. Whenhe opened his eyes, the room was still there and when he pinched himself, ithurt. He wasn't dreaming, he couldn't believe his luck.A knock at the door startled him out of his elation, and he opened it to aman who was wearing gaurds clothing. He started in half recignition, beforehe realized that the only resemblence this young guard had to his assailentwas the clothing."May I help you?""Duke Xander wishes your presence immeadately.""Very well, are you to escort me to him?"At the gaurd's nod, Joe closed the door and followed him. The guard lead himthrough several hallways, confusing the poor country boy out of his mind.Joe still had no idea how big the Dukes Estate accually was, and he didn'tthink he would ever have a chance to find out.Finally the guard turned a corner, and Joe sighed with relief, he recignizedthis streah of hallway. Just after he sighed, he jerked to a halt and staredat the man approaching them. * * *Culvich was fuming when he came out of Xander's room. The young man, 'Boy'he thought with contempt, had done it again. Humiliated, and punished, forhaving his fun. The boy in the prision had been asking for what he got. Ifthat boy hadn't been flawting his beauty, and laying around the prisionnaked then Culvich wouldn't have had to do what he did.He saw some people approaching him from the other direction, and was aboutto yell at them for being in his way, when he say who it was. They younggaurd who had tried to refuse him the other night, and the boy. Culvichsmiled. Preteen Nn Model * * *When the gaurd with him noticed that Joe was trembling he looked around forthe cause. It wasn't hard to spot, Culvich was walking toward them. Theyoung gaurd knew Culvich better then he wanted to, and also knew first handthat the rumors about Culvich's violence were true. His back still achedwith the leather lashings that had been inflicted apon him the night before.Before the gaurd could do anything Culvich charged them. He knocked theguard flat, and scooped up the boy, who started screaming immeaditally.Xander burst out of his study as Culvich disappeared around the corner withthe boy.Stephan ran to the side of the fallen gaurd and started to help him up, butthe gaurd was resisting."Stop Culvich!" The young man yelled. "He doesn't like that boy. He'll hurthim if you don't stop him!"Stephan took all of about a fourth of a second to put everything together,and started yelling for more gaurds. * * *Culvich was long gone before Duke Xander even thought of calling for help.He knew the Duke's manor better then anyone else, and he used that knowledgeto make his escape. One swift punch in the face had silenced the boy fromscreaming, and now he clung to Culvich for his life as he swiftly ranthrough hallways.The tears streaming down the boy's face were turning Culvich on to no end.He needed to Preteen Nn Model get where he was going, and get there fast, as he wouldn'tsurvive much longer without plowing this young man's ass. * * *Stephan Questioned the young gaurd one more time. He could see that the manwas near the breaking point, where questions would be of no use, but he hadto find out everything that he could. Before long the guard just burst intotears.At this sight, Stephan relaxed his questioning, and went to the young man'sside."There there now, It's OK. You are safe here. Culvich wouldn't think ofcomming in here now. He knows it's too dangerous." That seemed to make thegaurd Preteen Nn Model feel better, and he relaxed into Stephan's arms.Stephan cuddled the guard for a while, enjoying the feeling of a man in hisarms, without the 'Master/Slave' relationship. The young gaurd looked up andalmost wispered "Duke Xander, I-""Shhh," was the Duke's reply, and then they were kissing. Stephan hadn't putmuch on, after his exercise with Culvich, so all the gaurd had to do waspull Stephan's robe open and there before him was the Duke's Erect cock.He moaned at the sight, and pulled the entire length into his mouth, deepthroating it, sucking furiously. Stephan moaned at the sensation, and pulledthe man over him on the bed. With a few quick movements the gaurd's pantswere untied and pushed down to his knees. Stephan inhaled the scent of theother man's crotch, before pulling the dick before him into his mouth.They lay on the bed, sucking eachother off for several minutes, beforeStephan pulled off the other man's cock. "I want you to fuck me!"The gaurd moaned, and they repositioned themselves, and before too long, theyoung gaurd was burried to his pubic hair in Stephan's ass. All too soon itwas over, as the gaurd made a few grunting noises, and filled the Duke's asswith his seed. Before long the Duke, who had been jaking himself off,sprayed their chests with his cum.Sorry that this keeps comming in short sections. Stay tuned for Part 4.
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